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Tölvan endurræsir sig af sjálfu sér og birtist ekki

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5+ Most Amazing Kitchen Tips That Will Make Your Life Easier

There are some things in life that could have saved you a great deal of mission and effort if you had only known about them before. When it comes to your kitchen, we’ve compiled the best tips to help you avoid the fuss and bother. To your kitchen, we go!

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1. Cover your pot when you bring water to a boil


You should set the heat to high; the faster water can heat up, the quicker it will boil. To take things a step further, cover the pot to trap it in heat, which will reduce the time needed for the water to boil. Try it when heating soup, steaming vegetables, or cooking pasta. Remember, pots are a kitchen must-have, so make sure you find the best of products for their better heat durability.

2. After you chop food, scrape the contents from your work surface using the dull end of the knife

Chop ingredients such as onions and then use the sharpened blade’s dull side to scrape them into a cooking vessel or bowl. Otherwise, your blade will dull notably and become less efficient.

3. Keep food from sticking by heating your stainless steel cookware properly

Put your cooking vessel, which you likely picked from Amazon products, over a medium to high heat for at most three minutes. The pan or pot will be ready if you add a water drop to the pot and it forms a bead of water immediately. At this time, add oil, tilt the pot to coat the surface, and let the oil heat up for a minute or so. The stainless steel surface at this point will be great to brown ingredients without sticking.


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4. Season and taste food


A dish’s flavor depends on many variables, including ingredient freshness, how you prepare it, and how you season it. Once you have added salt or/and pepper to a dish, taste it. In case it lacks flavor or feels bland, season it more and then taste again. To avoid over-salting, use a little at a time.

5. Use the appropriate measuring tools for ingredients

Decide on whether they are dry or liquid to select the tool for measuring ingredients. Liquid ingredients (oil, water, etc.) are measurable in a liquid measuring cup. Meanwhile, you should measure dry ones like spices and flour into dry measuring cups. Measuring spoons are okay to use for both dry and liquid ingredients because there is minimal difference in those small amounts.

6. Use a spoon to peel ginger

It can be tricky to peel ginger, as it has bumps and irregularities. Instead of relying on a vegetable peeler or paring knife, reach for a spoon. You should scrape it against the ginger skin, which will then come right off.

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In short

Those were the life-changing tips that you can make use of when cooking. Don’t forget to let us know if you manage to try any of them! Also, feel free to share your other top reviewed kitchen tricks and tips so that we can all be faster and more efficient cooks
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